SolarWinds Improves Application-Centric Performance Management

SolarWinds, a provider of IT management software, has updated the SolarWinds Orion Platform and its systems management product portfolio. The enhancements are aimed at allowing IT professionals to better manage application-centric performance across hybrid IT infrastructures, and span multiple products, including SolarWinds Storage Resource Monitor, SolarWinds Virtualization Manager, SolarWinds Web Performance Monitor, and SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor.

Application uptime and end user experience have become core business metrics, and IT professionals must ensure performance despite increasing complexity and hybrid IT challenges, said Christoph Pfister, executive vice president of products, SolarWinds. With the Orion Platform and systems management portfolio upgrades, he added, SolarWinds is enabling deep visibility into web, application, database, virtual resources, storage, and network performance, all in the context of applications.

According to SolarWinds, its systems management portfolio, powered by the Orion Platform, provides the components an IT operations team needs for monitoring, improved troubleshooting, capacity and resource optimization, and performance management. New portfolio upgrades include PerfStack dashboard improvements, providing a single dashboard so operations teams have a view of real-time application metrics, from web to spindle performance; enhanced IoT device monitoring, including devices powered by Raspberry Pi, with new support for ARM-based Linux in the monitoring agent; and enhanced virtual resource performance and virtualization management to give operations teams the ability to apply multiple predictive recommendations based on historic trends, with action policies for virtualization management.

In addition, portfolio enhancements include  expanded storage monitoring support, improvements in hardware health monitoring for storage devices, a “monitor of monitors” to simplify global, multi-data center monitoring of systems and applications at scale, and a simplified Orion Platform installer and new platform-native capabilities.

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