SolarWinds Improves MySQL Database Performance Analysis

Though MySQL has evolved into a robust database engine that now handles large-scale operations for mission-critical workloads, the complexity of performance tuning can still prove challenging for DBAs who are increasingly being tasked with managing multiple database platforms in production for larger  and  complex workloads. A recent update to the SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer platform will help DBAs tackle the issue, explained Janis Griffin, database performance evangelist at SolarWinds, a provider of IT monitoring and management tools.

“We added MySQL to our databases that we monitor and our Database Performance Analyzer because we had a lot for requests from customers,” Griffin said. The solution offers  an alarm trail that leads DBAs directly to the root cause of a problem in 3-4 clicks,  less than 1% load on monitored servers, simplifies root cause analysis by correlating SQL statements, context, system and storage health, wait events, and response time,  proactively monitor system health, identifying trends before they become problems correlates essential statistics to help explain query bottlenecks, server health, and how session statistics interact—providing a complete health and performance picture.

The next step for the tool is the addition of the ability to store performance data in a database that DBAs know and have, Griffin explained. “Once we get that backend what will be nice then is getting more offerings in the cloud and elsewhere because everything is in one complete package,” she said, explaining that and users will no longer require a separate database management system running behind it.

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