SolarWinds Introduces Cloud-First Backup Service for Physical and Virtual Servers

SolarWinds, a provider of IT management software, has introduced its first backup solution targeted for direct use by end user customers.

SolarWinds Backup is a cloud-first backup service developed to protect virtual and physical servers and is built on the company’s own technology which is used by managed services providers (MSPs) to protect the data assets of organizations worldwide.

With many backup alternatives to choose from in a competitive marketplace, almost half of IT professionals are marginally satisfied or dissatisfied with their current backup products, according to findings from a recent survey of SolarWinds’ 145,000-member THWACK user community. Forty-two percent of respondents cited cost, and 31% tagged complexity as their most significant pain points.

According to the company, SolarWinds Backup can reduce the administrative time spent managing backups and eliminate local backup storage requirements. The web-based console offers at-a-glance monitoring of backup status, and enables recovery from anywhere—even using mobile devices. 

Built-in deduplication and compression features are optimized to minimize network bandwidth requirements and speed up restores from the cloud. Local restores also can be completed using the Local SpeedVault feature.  In addition, the solution allows customers to protect physical and virtual servers using a single product, thereby reducing complexity.

The solution also delivers the speed required to handle even large machines and databases with short backup windows, supported by built-in compression and SolarWinds’ True Delta data deduplication.

Finally, backups are stored in a global, purpose-built private cloud that is designed to be highly secure, according to the vendor. Data is encrypted in transit and at rest via AES-256 encryption, and users hold the key. A network of multiple data centers around the world helps meet data governance and privacy requirements.

For more information, visit the SolarWinds website.