SolarWinds’ Latest Update Allows IT to Gain Valuable Visual Insights

SolarWinds, a provider of IT management software, is releasing SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM) version 12, which introduces NetPath and Network Insight to provide network administrators with the visual insights and analysis needed to monitor performance metrics.

The addition of NetPath gives network administrators monitoring software that visually maps hybrid network paths with on-premises data.

“It’s about managing the breadth of the network so I can see anything that is needed in order for that user to access that service,” said Mav Turner, director of product marketing and business strategy at SolarWinds.

NetPath features include visual analysis of critical paths and devices along the entire network delivery path—on-premises, in the cloud or across hybrid IT environments; specific, actionable information to resolve network issues regardless of network ownership; visualized critical path performance over time for historical views of network latency; identification of device configuration changes along critical paths when integrated with SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager, and immediate insight into the traffic travelling across flow-enabled devices.

“We can actually trace end to end and hop by hop, what is the path that’s being taken and where the problem is so even though I don’t manage the infrastructure of my service provider, with NetPath I get visibility to see how my traffic is flowing and where the slow spots are,” Turner said. “That’s the real power of NetPath, being able to ensure the delivery of those services that you’re responsible for but don’t control the entire delivery path.”

While NetPath provides breadth of visibility, Network Insight adds depth by enabling comprehensive monitoring.

“It’s about understanding how the different devices in the network function,” Turner said.

Network Insight features visualization of entire load balancing environments, graphical display of relationships and component status, and visualization of component details in a single console.

Network Insight is currently available for F5 BIG-IP environments, with support for additional appliances expected in future releases, according to Turner.

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