SolarWinds Supports New Economy of SaaS Software Vendors with Application Performance Optimization

SolarWinds, a provider of IT management software, has announced significant updates to the SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer (DPA).

The new release provides enhancements in two key areas, Gerardo Dada, vice president, product marketing, SolarWinds. DPA, which was acquired by SolarWinds as part of the Confio Software acquisition in 2013, is now at version 10.2, said Dada.

First, SolarWinds DPA can now provide  performance analysis to improve software as a service (SaaS) application performance for MySQL- and Linux-only IT organizations, helping them reduce costs and improve overall organizational effectiveness. Specifically, SolarWinds DPA now supports MySQL database repositories, enabling SaaS companies running MySQL- and Linux-only infrastructure whether on-premises or in the cloud to use the open source RDBMS. In the past, said Dada, a Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle repository was required as a back-end database to store the information that SolarWinds DPA collected.

Support for MySQL repositories also enables IT professionals with SQL Server, Oracle, Microsoft Azure or AmazonRDS environments to reduce licensing fee costs by leveraging a lower-cost MySQL repository.

For newer technology-based companies such as SaaS vendors with infrastructure in the cloud, application performance and infrastructure costs are two key business metrics, observed Dada. Considering that a critical piece of an application is the database, the ability to quickly identify and troubleshoot these issues can have a direct correlation to these organizations’ financial health and well-being.

SolarWinds DPA can help DBAs, application developers and operations teams quickly reveal the root cause of performance problems with a response-time analysis approach that helps application teams by correlating SQL operations, wait events and server and virtualization resources to pinpoint database bottlenecks impacting application performance.

A second key area of enhancement in the latest release of SolarWinds DPA includes visualization and analysis tools to help DBAs optimize for and resolve blocking, locking, and deadlock issues, and support for Microsoft SQL Server 2016. According to Dada, with the new capabilities SolarWinds continues to build on the concept of wait time analysis which Confio pioneered.

SolarWinds DPA now enables DBAs with SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, and SAP ASE database management systems to identify root blockers and the total wait they are causing, focus on the most important queries to reduce blocking time, see which objects are waiting the longest because of blocking and quickly identify the last query of an idle blocker to track down the last active session.

In addition, SolarWinds DPA now not only alerts when SQL Server deadlocks occur, but also identifies victims and the overall victim impact, providing important information to help DBAs determine why a deadlock occurred and how to resolve the deadlocking issues.

With the newly added support for SQL Server 2016, SolarWinds  says that DPA now supports the latest versions of the top three major relational database platforms—MySQL 5.7, Oracle 12c, and SQL Server 2016. 

More information is available about SolarWinds Database Performance Management and Optimization