SolarWinds Unveils New Dashboard Platform

SolarWinds, is unleashing its PerfStack dashboard, an entirely new way of visualizing and correlating IT monitoring data.

“You can just drag and drop any metric into a chart and it will normalize whatever time frames and types of metrics you’re showing as well as events or alerts and you can see all those things together in a single view,” said Gerardo Dada, vice president, SolarWinds.

The dashboard will improve troubleshooting of performance issues across the IT environment, from infrastructure to applications, according to the vendor.

A significant update to the SolarWinds Orion platform, PerfStack is a new, highly customizable yet “simple-to-build” dashboard.

It allows IT administrators to selectively drag and drop critical real-time and historical metrics from SolarWinds Orion platform-based products into a single pane to visualize the relationship between suspect elements.

This visualization enables them to identify, isolate, and troubleshoot performance problems in ways never before possible.

With the PerfStack dashboard, administrators are also able to better collaborate with others by easily sharing the custom PerfStack charts they have created. This feature helps break down the functional silos within their IT organizations and solve performance problems faster.

Anyone who is running complex applications and wants to see how the applications perform will benefit the most from this, according to Dada.

Small businesses to the Department of Defense currently use the SolarWinds platform, said Dada.

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