SolarWinds to Provide New Integrations to its Discovery Platform

SolarWinds, a provider of powerful and affordable IT management software, is adding new IT asset management (ITAM) integrations to SolarWinds Discovery, offering connections with Microsoft Azure and the SolarWinds Orion Platform, as well an upcoming integration with Jamf software.

These new enhancements will provide organizations with increased visibility through SolarWinds Service Desk across their technology infrastructure, enabling them to reduce IT spending and risk levels while helping improve their overall service management strategy, according to the vendor.

The ITAM integrations to SolarWinds Discovery include:

                    Microsoft Azure: This integration increases visibility into cloud assets for customers by incorporating asset information from Azure into SolarWinds Service Desk.

                    Orion Platform: This integration provides dependency information by automatically detecting, mapping, and importing Orion dependency information into SolarWinds Service Desk.

                    Jamf Mobile Device Management (MDM): This integration, which will be available in Q4 2020, will give customers visibility into asset data on Apple® devices by incorporating asset information from Jamf into SolarWinds Service Desk.

These new capabilities increase IT asset visibility, help improve alignment between IT assets and service management processes and enable customers to consolidate asset information from Jamf, Azure, Orion and discovery data sources into one, up-to-date repository.

This singular asset repository helps organizations keep costs under control by allowing them to track and manage the life cycles of their IT assets.

Additionally, customers can attach detailed configuration information from Jamf and Azure, as well as rich configuration data that includes dependency information from Orion, to incidents and problems in SolarWinds Service Desk, all speeding up the diagnosis and resolution of IT infrastructure issues.

“Just this year the role of the IT professional has vastly evolved with growing expectations to deliver exceptional services while reducing budgets and decreasing costs on hardware and software,” said Steve Stover, vice president of product strategy. “These new capabilities focus on supporting service delivery by providing customers with a single source of truth for asset management, which is essential to reducing spend, mitigating risks, staying compliant with software purchases. And, by augmenting our existing capabilities of agent-based and network discovery, organizations big and small gain deeper contextual information and a more complete picture of their IT infrastructure.”

SolarWinds Service Desk improves productivity and efficiency for millions of employees worldwide by delivering powerful, user-friendly, and efficient IT service and asset management.

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