Solix, Sybase, and HCL Partner to Help Companies Manage Big Data

Solix Technologies, Sybase, an SAP Company, and HCL Technology have formed a partnership to help enterprises deal with management of large volumes of data, and legacy applications. The partnership combines the Sybase IQ data warehousing infrastructure, which provides deep compression for data storage, with the Solix Enterprise Data Management Suite v 5.1 from Solix Technologies, a provider of data, storage, and applications management technology. Additionally, HCL is bringing its global consulting resources to the partnership to help customers gain maximum value from the technology package.

The Sybase / Solix / HCL partnership is aimed at providing a combined solution for any organization that needs to maintain legacy applications due to regulatory or compliance requirements, Andrew Neugebauer, senior product manager, Sybase IQ solution ecosystem, tells 5 Minute Briefing.

Solix offers this solution with Sybase IQ in two flavors. The first, he explains, is the Solix EDMS Application Retirement Application. The Solix EDMS Application Retirement is an enterprise software solution that can be installed on-premises. Solix EDMS application retirement helps enterprises to retire or decommission applications, while retaining access to the business critical data. By retiring the applications, organizations can optimize their portfolio, reducing cost and risk while supporting fast query and reporting. The application provides automated, secure data migration and legacy data access while maintaining application context, business objects and reports.

In addition, the Solix ExAPPS Appliance is a purpose-built appliance for application retirement, says Neugebauer. It has all of the benefits of the Solix EDMS Application Retirement Solution but is delivered in a pre-configured, pre-tested, and certified appliance with Sybase IQ embedded as the storage engine. Solix ExAPPS is integrated, tuned and optimized for reliability and performance and built as a single-purpose appliance which is hardened for security.

"With both Solix solutions combined with Sybase IQ, enterprises can see significant cost reduction or elimination for hardware, storage, software maintenance, power, and IT resources for maintaining legacy applications in their original form," says Neugebauer. "The Solix EDMS Application Retirement Application and the Solix ExAPPS Appliance provide ease-of-use, simple deployment and management, lower total cost of ownership and immediate return on investment."

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