Solodev Debuts Platform for Creating, Training, and Hosting Custom AI Apps in the Cloud

Solodev, the cloud platform for developers, is debuting Solodev AI, a cloud platform engineered to accelerate developer workflows by offering a central location to build, train, and host custom AI apps and foundation models. As generative AI (GenAI) continues to be the main focus of innovation for nearly every enterprise, Solodev AI aims to help businesses start their AI journeys with customizable apps from an AI marketplace or host their existing AI apps in a secure, scalable cloud environment, powered by AWS. 

Designed to meet developers where they are in their app journeys, Solodev AI offers a complete, cloud-based platform to create powerful AI apps with the benefit of doing so in your own cloud account. The platform offers a wide range of advanced cloud technologies and expert resources that help to jumpstart enterprise AI strategies, according to Solodev. 

Beginning with a consultative discovery session, Solodev’s consultancy team works to understand the app you’re trying to build and gives guidance on how to do so—including what the necessary services might be, such as containers and serverless technologies. From there, Solodev’s team pairs you with an LLM that might best suit your needs, allowing developers to connect with almost any large language model (LLM)—including GPT-4, OpenLLaMA, Amazon Titan, and more. 

For those looking to bring their own model, Solodev offers automated tuning and monitoring services to train the selected LLM in the cloud, as well as optimizes the required compute resources. Additionally, for enterprises without an existing application or plan, Solodev delivers a variety of basic AI apps to deploy, spanning chat, search, tracker, and even custom use cases. 

Solodev AI also works to ensure ongoing AI app success, providing consulting services to help map an organization’s AI strategy as well as a dedicated global AI help desk for continued guidance. 

“If your business doesn’t have an AI strategy, you might not have a business in the future,” said Shawn Moore, CTO at Solodev. “Now is the time to get on board, and Solodev AI is the answer. We’re helping forward-thinking developers and organizations harness the power of AI for a wide range of apps and use cases—including mobile, metaverse, blockchain, and IoT. It’s an AI world, and we’re here to help you navigate it successfully.”

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