Newsletters Aligns Products Under the Gloo Brand Name Umbrella, the modern service connectivity company delivering API infrastructure from the edge to service mesh, announced it has aligned its product suite under the “Gloo” brand name, along with launching the new Gloo Mesh Enterprise.’s entire set of product offerings will now be organized under the Gloo API Infrastructure Platform.

Gloo, a next generation API gateway and the name of the company’s first product, glues together heterogeneous applications through their APIs and presents them as a single application experience to the customer.

The product portfolio continues to glue together different clusters, service meshes, and clouds for consistent configuration, unified management, and security.

The rebranded Gloo API Infrastructure Platform suite includes tooling products for managing and securing application service connectivity:

  • Gloo Mesh (previously Service Mesh Hub), single and multi-cluster service mesh management plane along with production and long-term support (LTS) for Istio
  • Gloo Edge (previously Gloo), a next-generation API gateway and ingress controller built with Envoy Proxy
  • Gloo Portal (previously Developer Portal), a developer portal to catalog and consume running application APIs
  • Gloo Extensions, developer and operator tools to customize Envoy Proxy with WebAssembly modules

“We launched three years ago with the goal to empower companies to modernize to microservices and made a strategic bet on service mesh as a critical part of that future,” said Idit Levine, founder and CEO, “As exciting as service mesh is, we knew it would take time to mature so we positioned our products separately. Now, with widespread adoption of Kubernetes and increased service mesh innovation and awareness, the market is ready for a holistic service connectivity solution. This is the ideal time for to unify, simplify and center our product message around one Gloo API Infrastructure Platform.”

In addition to introducing the Gloo API Infrastructure Platform suite, is announcing Gloo Mesh Enterprise.

Since “open sourcing” Gloo Mesh, previously known as Service Mesh Hub, has worked with customers to integrate enterprise-level security and management functionality into the offering.

Historically, organizations have been required to custom build additional capabilities to secure and operate Istio and manage the open source software lifecycle themselves. Gloo Mesh Enterprise delivers these capabilities out of the box with validated and supported upstream Istio software, meaning organizations can instead focus on delivering optimal customer digital experiences.

Gloo Mesh Enterprise includes all the functionality of Gloo Mesh Open Source, the core multi-cluster and multi-mesh service mesh management plane, plus new capabilities for enterprise scale, security, and observability:

  • Role-Based API, delegated access and ownership to configure policies by persona for secure service mesh at scale
  • Production Istio Support, including software maintenance, patches, hotfixes, and long-term support for validated, upstream Istio software
  • Operational Observability, including a unified dashboard with multi-cluster service mesh visibility
  • Integrated WebAssembly, including developer tools and support for WebAssembly modules to customize service mesh behavior

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