Newsletters Releases Gloo Mesh Enterprise, the modern API infrastructure company delivering application networking from the edge to service mesh, is releasing Gloo Mesh Enterprise, an enterprise-grade, Kubernetes-native solution for service mesh management.

Gloo Mesh Enterprise provides organizations with a comprehensive and simplified experience for service mesh management based on Istio, the industry standard service mesh, and Envoy, the de-facto industry sidecar proxy data plane.

“We have worked to anticipate, address and exceed our customers’ demands and requests when it comes to service mesh and cloud native technologies,” said Idit Levine, founder and CEO, “The proof is in the numbers—and in this case, we had more than 2,000 requests to take part in our Gloo Mesh Enterprise beta program, more than 800 stars on Github during Preview and nearly 400 active participants in our beta program Slack channel.”

Gloo Mesh is designed to support enterprise users throughout the process of service mesh adoption. Enterprises who take their first steps with Istio enjoy comprehensive support and guidance from, as well as tools to ease onboarding and to guarantee Istio FIPS compliance.

As the organization’s service mesh evolves, Gloo Mesh provides tools for supporting developers and operators, as well as enhanced security and observability.

With Gloo Mesh enterprise users can extend and tailor Istio to their special needs with WebAssembly modules.

For organizations with complex environments across a growing number of clusters, clouds and regions, Gloo Mesh Enterprise includes new features that provide centralized management and control, enhanced security, comprehensive observability and enterprise-grade service and support.

As more companies embrace Gloo Mesh and Gloo Mesh Enterprise, has increased its commitment to innovation and to providing customers with exceptional guidance, education and support.

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