Newsletters Releases Service Mesh Hub, a software company that helps organizations adopt and operate innovative cloud native technologies, is releasing the open-source Service Mesh Hub. The platform offers a unified dashboard for installing, discovering, operating and extending a single service mesh or group of meshes, with multi-cluster ‘virtual mesh’ orchestration and support for the new Istio 1.5.

Istio is an open source service mesh led by Google, IBM and Lyft to connect, monitor, and secure microservices, which has gained in popularity among Kubernetes end users.

“Today’s announcement brings our vision to reality. Service mesh offers security, observability, and control benefits, but comes with significant complexity. The Service Mesh Hub abstracts this complexity away from the users, allowing them to quickly adopt the technologies they need,” said Idit Levine, founder and CEO of “We’re introducing the Service Mesh Hub as an open-source project, hoping to build a community that will help accelerate service mesh adoption and facilitate collaboration, and to make multi-cluster and multi-mesh a reality for everyone who needs it.”

Along with this release, Service Mesh Hub adds enterprise-grade and multi-cluster support for Istio 1.5 to simplify installation, upgrades, discovery, and management.

The latest version of Istio, released March 5, carries forward the focus on improving the usability, security and extensibility of Istio for end users, community and the ecosystem.

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