Newsletters Streamlines Developer Onboarding and Productivity with Latest Release of Gloo is updating Gloo, its Envoy based API Gateway, to focus on improving the developer experience in consuming APIs.

Highlights of the release include:

  • Developer portal for publishing and consuming APIs
  • Extensibility with WebAssembly
  • Performance and stability improvements
  • Usability and troubleshooting enhancements
  • New and improved documentation site
  • Developer Portal improves onboarding and productivity

In this release the company added a developer portal to make it easy to securely publish and manage APIs to developers both inside and outside the organization.

Gloo admins can create a customized portal with their company’s logo, colors, images, and select which APIs to publish and to which users and groups.

Developers inside or outside the company can log into the portal and access the APIs they have authorized to.

Following the same approach adopts across Gloo, the developer portal is CRD driven and designed for self-service.

To provide an easy to use experience for developers and operators, recently released an update to WebAssembly Hub to build, share, and deploy Wasm extensions securely to Envoy environments.

Additionally added additional alerts and warnings to notify the admin if there are errors in the system from; propagating warnings and errors from delegate route tables up to the parent table, displaying an error for missing Auth Configs, having the validation reject resources that fail to unmarshal even when validation is disabled, and displaying a clearer status when the proxy is in an unhealthy state. These enhancements are designed to provide more detailed information and prevent issues by validating against any missing or misconfigurations in Gloo. also made changes to remove any unnecessary CPU and memory usage including; reducing the memory footprint of Gloo discovery by removing unnecessary creation of upstreams, and eliminating memory leaks with the immediate processing and de-duplication of events.

Product documentation is also important to a user’s experience and this enahcnements include an overhaul of’s docs site with new styling, information architecture, and refreshed the content and diagrams to help new and experienced users get an understanding of Gloo and get up and running quickly.

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