Solutionary Releases Security Platform Leveraging Hadoop

Big data continues to grow at an exponential rate for many enterprises. One issue that continues to grow as well is the threat to data security.

Big data is a valuable asset not only to companies themselves but also to hackers intent on stealing customers' personal information. To help mitigate the challenges to data security, Solutionary, an NTT Group security company and managed security services provider, has announced the release of its ActiveGuard Security and Compliance Platform.

Solutionary is combining its knowledge of security with big data analytics to provide customers with better indicators of potential attacks and a better understanding of a hacker’s goal and technique. The ActiveGuard platform leverages the MapR Distribution including Apache Hadoop to be able to quickly vet structured and unstructured data in real time, including security logs, alerts, and detailed user activity. According to the vendor, the approach allows users a significantly greater amount of contextual data to be processed, providing customers with more comprehensive, real-time threat intelligence.

“Traditional security tools weren’t designed to handle the massive amounts of data that today's enterprises generate. With bad actors increasing the sophistication of their attacks, enterprises are having a difficult time pinpointing the threats and vulnerabilities that pose the largest risk,” said Don Gray, chief security strategist at Solutionary.  

The ActiveGuard platform tracks data in real time and provides customers with massive volumes of security log data and user activity. MapR gives Solutionary a scalable, flexible Apache Hadoop solution that smoothly distributes and enables use of structured and unstructured data from tens of thousands of sources and can run queries in as little as a couple of seconds on a massively parallel infrastructure. ActiveGuard allows businesses to respond quickly to the biggest threats posed to their Big Data and minimize the cost to IT systems that were attacked.

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