Sonasoft Introduces Email Archiving Solution for Microsoft Exchange Server

Sonasoft Corp. recently announced the availability of its email archiving solution for Microsoft Exchange server. The new offering is an affordable and easy to use solution specifically designed for addressing the pain points of SMB customers.

Email has been growing at the rate of 40% every year and managing emails has become very complex. Microsoft Exchange Server is not only being used as an email server, it is also being used as a document repository and management system. Businesses are being increasingly asked to retrieve emails during litigation. Also Companies need to comply with regulatory compliance requirements like Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA. According to Sarbanes-Oxley, public companies must keep all documents and communications for 7 years following an audit. The penalties for destroying or altering a document can include fines up to $5 million and imprisonment for up to 20 years. Hence, email archiving is becoming a very important business process to manage and optimize.

Sonasoft's SonaSafe for Email Archiving is designed to meet regulatory compliance and e-discovery needs of organizations. SonaSafe will capture all incoming, outgoing and internal emails and store them in archive databases as a Single Instance Store (SIS). Also, by use of "stubbing," message contents including attachments will be saved in the archive database and leaves behind an empty shell of the message, namely "stub" in the body of the email. This approach significantly reduces the size of the Exchange server to keep its performance at high levels.

Andy Khanna, CEO and founder of Sonasoft, tells 5 Minute Briefing that "the email archiving software rounds out Sonasoft's total solution for providing a failsafe environment for Microsoft Exchange. Sonasoft now provides archiving, replication, and backup for Exchange servers as one integrated solution. Also, customers can purchase each capability independently and integrate them over time to meet their specific business needs."

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