Sonasoft Offers High Availability, Disaster Recovery, and Data Protection for Archive Server

Sonasoft Corporation, an independent software vendor that provides compliance, disaster recovery, and data protection solutions for the Microsoft platform, has announced the release of disaster recovery capability for its email archiving solution, SonaSafe for Email Archiving. SonaSafe for Email Archiving meets the regulatory compliance and e-discovery needs of organizations by capturing all incoming, outgoing, and internal emails and storing them in archive databases that run on Microsoft SQL Server. The product that provides the disaster recovery protection for these archives is SonaSafe for SQL Server, which creates live backups of SQL Server databases. By combining both of these products, SonaSoft provides disaster recovery protection for email archive servers through a common platform.

There are many market factors today that are driving the need for email archiving. Businesses are increasingly being asked to retrieve emails during litigation. Also, companies need to comply with regulatory requirements like Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) and HIPAA. According to SOX, public companies must keep all documents and communications for 7 years following an audit, including email correspondence. The penalties for destroying or altering a document can include fines up to $5 million and imprisonment for up to 20 years. Hence, email is becoming the Achilles' heel of document and records management, and it is imperative that organizations not only implement email archive solutions to meet their e-discovery and regulatory compliance requirements, but also protect the archive server in case of a disaster.

Sonasoft Corporation provides a three-in-one solution to meet these needs, namely email archiving, backup, and disaster recovery as part of one interoperable platform. "SonaSafe for SQL Server is application-aware and makes live copies of the email application data at the logical level. A live backup copy is kept locally at the production site, and a live remote copy is kept offsite for disaster recovery purposes," Vas Srinivasan, vice president of marketing for Sonasoft, explains to 5 Minute Briefing. "Both copies are made using database-level replication, and are managed via a single web-based console."

Other key product features include strong search capabilities, including the ability to search within email attachments, one-to-many standby copies, and validated interoperability between the two products. SonaSafe for Email Archiving and SonaSafe for SQL Server must be licensed separately, however, customers are entitled to an overall discount when purchased together. For more information about Sonasoft and its disaster recovery for email archive server solution, go here.