Sourcegraph Batch Changes Offers Automation for Large-Scale Code Changes

Sourcegraph, a provider of Universal Code Search, is introducing Batch Changes, a solution that allows enterprises to automate and track large-scale code changes across all repositories and code hosts.

With Batch Changes, enterprises can now automate large-scale code refactors, security fixes, and migrations across thousands of repositories.

“The sheer amount of code most enterprises have creates a massive drag on development velocity,” said Quinn Slack, co-founder and CEO of Sourcegraph. “When the developer experience is slow and painful, the pace of product development lags and the entire business suffers. Batch Changes closes the productivity gap by empowering enterprises to easily keep code up-to-date and pay down tech debt across every business unit, repository, and code host the company uses.”

Batch Changes provides developers with a declarative structure for finding and modifying code across thousands of repositories, and features a simple UI to help enterprises manage the resulting changesets through checks and code reviews, so they can be confident each change is merged.

By automating large-scale code changes, enterprises can:

  • Reduce the time it takes to make large-scale code changes by 80%
  • Increase speed and accuracy while reducing the risk of introducing breaking changes
  • Improve code quality throughout the organization by reducing the risk of bugs or bad code making it to production

Instead of manually managing thousands of pull requests to remove legacy code, fixing critical security issues, or updating dependencies, enterprises can now automate large-scale code changes with Batch Changes.

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