Special Offer for Disneyland Tickets Available to UNITE 2011 Attendees; Latest Conference Details on UNITE Website

UNITE, the volunteer-based organization of Unisys users from around the world, has announced that Disneyland is providing a special offer for discounted tickets to UNITE 2011 Technology Conference and Exhibition attendees.  This year's conference will take place May 22-25 at the Hyatt Regency Orange County in Garden Grove, California.

The agenda for the conference is available on the UNITE website and that attendees can fill out a personal schedule in advance by selecting the meetings and sessions they are interested in. Sessions will be offered for MCP, OS 2200, BIS, and EAE.

Monday, May 23, the opening keynote will be presented by Ann Thureen, Unisys vice president of engineering and supply chain technology and infrastructure services, and Wayne Carpenter, Unisys vice president of sales, application modernization, and North American technology. For more information about the Personal Schedule System and conference agenda, go here

Unisys engineers from the Irvine plant (formerly Mission Viejo plant) will be at the conference, attending sessions, the lunches, and the Expo, and mingling with the attendees.  The conference will offer lab sessions in many time slots to provide hands-on experience and demonstrations. Sixteen vendors are registered for the exhibit area.  

Exhibitors include Applied Information, Attachmate, B&L Associates, Canam Software Labs, Dynamic Solutions, EMC Corporation, Formula Consultants, GoldEye Software, G Force Global, KMSYS Worldwide, Locum Software, Metalogic, Oracle, SMA, TeamQuest, and Unisys.

To register for the conference, go to the UNITE website.  In addition, online Hyatt Hotel reservations can be made now.