Speedware to Offer Open Source COBOL to North American Market

Speedware, a provider of legacy modernization solutions, announced that it has signed an agreement with COBOL-IT to distribute COBOL-IT's open source COBOL in the North American market and to provide North American based support to COBOL-IT users. According to the terms of the agreement, Speedware will be the latest North American sales and support center, providing 24/7 technical support, re-hosting/system integration services, and training.

An open source solution for COBOL workloads enables sites to take advantage of the open systems world without having to pay premium prices for proprietary COBOL compilers, says Andy Kulakowski, president of Speedware. "By offering our legacy customers the option of moving to open source COBOL, we give them the opportunity to substantially save on licensing costs while still benefiting from enterprise grade support and services. COBOL-IT is to COBOL what Red Hat is to Linux."

Speedware provides rehosting as well as modernization solutions that resolve the cost and agility issues facing organizations operating on legacy platforms, including mainframes. These organizations have programs written in many languages, but most commonly COBOL. Speedware's solutions replace aging computing platforms with more agile and flexible infrastructure, and transform older, legacy computing languages to modern technologies. Open source COBOL can now be offered as a viable option for customers interested in legacy re-hosting and modernization.

COBOL-IT provides enterprise application modernization solutions with its Compiler Suite, Developer Studio and Pre-Compilers for MySQL, PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL Server. With certifications from OLTP-solution vendors and RDBMS providers, COBOL-IT is emerging as an enterprise modernization solution in the Windows, Unix, and Linux environments, including mainframe z/Linux.

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