Splice Machine Adds Spark Capabilities to its Platform

Splice Machine is releasing a new update to its relational database platform that will combine the power and flexibility of Hadoop and Spark.

“Our version 2.0 takes our first version which scaled out on the Hadoop stack. Now, we are adding a new computation engine on HBase which is Spark,” said Monte Zweben, co-founder and CEO of Splice Machine. “The benefit is that someone can use us as a regular SQL database management system and we will automatically take their queries and forward them to the proper computational engine for fast transactional types of updates.”

Version 2.0 of Splice Machine’s platform will deliver a database solution that incorporates the scalability of Hadoop, ANSI SQL, support for ACID transactions, and the in-memory performance of Spark.

The new, flexible hybrid database enables businesses to perform simultaneous OLAP and OLTP workloads and increase performance over traditional RDBMS, by 10-20X at one-fourth the cost, according to Zweben.

“By incorporating Spark, we now get the benefits of the speed of in-memory processing that Spark provides for OLAP computation and we get the ability to do the simultaneous workloads of OLTP and OLAP on the same system,” Zweben said. “You can now make decisions in the moment, in real time.”

Additionally, with Spark, the Splice Machine RDBMS adds an extensive management console. Users can use it to monitor queries in process and visualize each step in the execution pipeline. This includes monitoring of batch import processes, with the ability to see import errors in real-time.

Incorporating Spark in the platform also allows users the ability to easily access external data and pre-built Spark libraries for machine learning, stream analysis, data integration and graph modeling.

A variety of use cases will benefit by including Spark’s capabilities including digital marketing, ETL acceleration, operational data lakes, data warehouse offloads, IoT applications, web, mobile, and social applications, and operational applications. “These are examples of decisions in the moment that would benefit from a duel workload of OLTP and OLAP,” Zweben said. “We’re very excited about being the first hybrid relational database that’s built on Hadoop and Spark.”

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