Splice Machine Bolsters its Hybrid Transactional and Analytical Processing

Splice Machine is releasing an updated version of its signature platform for intelligent applications, strengthening its ability to run enterprise-scale transactional and analytical workloads.

“In this release we have focused on extending the capabilities of the analytical engine and what we are doing there is adding columnar storage which is new for us,” Mark de Visser, vice president of marketing at Splice Machine. “It dramatically increases the performance of the analytical capabilities.”

Version 2.5 of the Splice Machine platform introduces new abilities including columnar external tables that enables hybrid columnar and row-based querying; in-memory caching via pinning; statistics via sketching; and offers cost optimized storage for AWS users.

With Splice Machine's hybrid architecture companies can simplify operational complexity, eliminate the need for special coding skills, power concurrent transactional and analytical applications, and support machine learning.

Many different verticals such as the healthcare or financial industries will benefit from these updates, according to de Visser.

Future improvements to the platform include adding new capabilities for transactional workloads to handle larger transactional volumes and work faster, de Visser said.

“The vision we have as a technology company is that there is no single architecture, no single storage mechanism, and no single compute engine that works for every workload. We think that the power of building a pre-integrated Lambda architecture that has specialized compute engines and storage formats tightly integrated, where an optimizer can use intelligence to choose between storage and compute options, based on the workload that it is given, is really the wave of the future for databases or data platforms and that’s what will power requirements for future applications that need to be always on, adaptive and reactive,” said Monte Zweben, Splice Machine’s CEO.

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