Splice Machine Collaborates with Incedo to Improve Solutions

Splice Machine is teaming up with Incedo, a technology solutions provider specializing in data and analytics, product engineering, and emerging technologies, to generate solutions that will help enterprises manage data and accelerate data processing.

The partnership allows Incedo to dispatch a team of certified specialists to work on the Splice Machine solution, with the aim of providing IT consulting, architecture, systems integration, and maintenance services for clients in the financial, pharmaceutical and healthcare, as well as telecommunications industries who want to leverage Big Data-powered platforms for their mission critical data and analytics intensive application needs.

“We’re very focused on delivering Splice Machine-centric services, we’ll move up the stack and Incedo will start building more packaged solutions,” Krishnan Parasuraman, VP of Sales and Business Development at Splice Machine. “We’re very confident and happy about this relationship.”

Earlier this year Splice Machine announced intentions to open source the project to make it easier for customers to format the platform in their own way and to also continue building a community around its products and services.

“Our goal is to build a bunch of different evangelists around our product and make sure that people are not hesitant or reluctant to try it in their projects,” Parasuraman said.

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