Splice Machine Forms New Partnership to Speed Application Development on Hadoop

Splice Machine, a provider of Hadoop RDMS, announced that it is partnering with mrc (michaels, ross & cole ltd), to allow Splice Machine’s Hadoop RDBMS to be certified and integrated with mrc’s m-Power platform.

“The demand for programming talent to handle application development is growing faster than the supply of skilled talent, especially around newer platforms like Hadoop,” said Monte Zweben, co-founder and CEO, Splice Machine. “Our partnership with mrc gives businesses a solution that can speed real-time application deployment on Hadoop with the staff and tools they currently have, while also offering affordable scale-out on commodity hardware for future growth.”

mrc is a global software company that specializes in web application development software.

This partnership is intended to create an affordable, scalable option for web and mobile application developers who want to tap into large amounts of real-time data, according to Splice Machine.

With a point-and-click UI, the m-Power platform automates the development of all types of enterprise and mobile web applications, including reports, portals, e-commerce and BI applications, dashboards, and more.  Its integration with Splice Machine will enable m-Power to deliver faster and more sophisticated application development on Hadoop, according to the vendors.

Additionally, the partnership will help CIOs address some of their biggest challenges, including delivering solutions quickly, scaling-out existing systems, future-proofing architecture, bridge the skills gap and consolidate siloed applications.

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