Splice Machine Launches Platform for Industrial IoT

Splice Machine, a scale-out SQL database with built-in machine learning, is releasing Livewire, its new open source Operational AI platform for industrial IoT use cases.

The Splice Machine Livewire platform enables teams of data engineers, operators, and data scientists to work together with unprecedented speed and agility. By using an integrated platform these teams can deploy machine learning models 100x faster with half the staff.

Livewire is built upon the Splice Machine SQL RDBMS with built-in machine learning. The system is elastic and deployable anywhere.

If the plant has already leveraged cloud computing, then the Splice Machine Livewire cloud service may be the perfect solution. Companies can provision a Livewire solution in minutes and easily manage and operate it with few people.

If the plant is isolated from external networks or restricted, the Livewire Kubernetes edition allows them to implement the same cloud-based solution on a private cloud or Kubernetes cluster on premises.

The platform brings together the three critical components needed in a comprehensive AI solution for industrial IoT in a single, open source offering:

  • Connectivity and Ingestion - Tools and APIs to integrate and ingest data from DCSs, SCADAs, historians, ERP systems, MES systems and other data sources.
  • Observability Platform - Visualization and alerting tools to surface temporal data, static data and predictions.
  • Prediction Platform - An end-to-end Machine Learning platform for developing, experimenting, and deploying machine learning models.

Livewire's machine learning capabilities unlock the full power of the data flowing through an organization.

Livewire is built to help oil and gas, utilities, and process manufacturing companies move ML projects into production more rapidly and reduce infrastructure complexity for a more agile ML lifecycle.

By giving data science and machine learning teams access to real-time data, making feature and model creation easier, and providing advanced MLOps tools for managing and deploying models to production, Livewire gets business to AI-powered results faster.

"Many AI and ML projects start out with great ideas and intentions, but go nowhere," said Monte Zweben, co-founder and CEO, Splice Machine. "We are here to help those projects move out of the 'ivory towers' and into production applications. With Livewire, industrial enterprises can capitalize on investments made in sensors, AI and staff and drive a digital transformation that can generate superior business outcomes on an ongoing basis."

Splice Machine works in common IIoT use cases that follow the OODA structure (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act) by ingesting sensor data and suggesting actions. Use cases where Splice Machine is being used or evaluated include outage avoidance, load forecasting, predictive maintenance, threat detection, and spare parts planning.

For companies in asset-heavy industries like oil and gas, desalination, process manufacturers, energy, utilities, and telecom, Livewire augments native DCS/SCADA systems and offers a modern alternative to historians that cannot scale to meet the needs of machine learning applications.

Unlike black-box proprietary AI offerings, Splice Machine solutions are open source, allowing users to maintain control over their solution and their data without prohibitive costs that slows return on investment.

Splice Machine also simplifies the deployment and management of applications when compared to disparate cloud solutions that have to be architected together and heavily managed to prevent failure.

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