Splice Machine Offering Open Source Version of its Platform

Splice Machine has announced that it is releasing its database management system, a dual-engine RDBMS powered by Hadoop and Spark, as an open source platform.

“This means that there’ll be a community edition and an enterprise edition,” said Monte Zweben, co-founder and CEO of Splice Machine.

The community edition will be free for members of the open source community, allowing them to use as well as modify source code, whereas the enterprise edition will include a set of proprietary tools focused on operational features that enable DBAs and DevOps teams to maintain, tune, and keep the platform secure while it’s live, according to Zweben.

Splice Machine will continue to add new features that support a wide range of needs.

The impetus behind offering an open source version of the Splice Machine platform comes from customers who prefer open source models.

“It gives enterprise customers the insurance policy that they’re not locked into a particular vendor, there’s not a single point of failure, and there’s a rich community of people where they can get questions answered, acquire talent, and they can protect their investment in their enterprise technology,” Zweben said.

According to Splice Machine, it currently offers ANSI SQL-99 coverage, including full DDL and DML, ACID transactions with Snapshot Isolation semantics; in-place updates that scale from one row to millions with a single transaction; secondary indexing in both unique and non-unique forms; referential integrity, algorithms like broadcast, merge, batch nested loop; and resource isolation enabled by a cost-based optimizer.

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