Splice Machine Partners with LucidWorks to Enable Big Data Search

Hadoop RDBMS provider Splice Machine is partnering with LucidWorks. The partnership will enable Splice Machine customers to access and analyze their unstructured data via LucidWorks Search, which provides Apache Lucene/Solr for commercial grade applications. Apache Solr is the open source enterprise search platform from the Apache Lucene project.

The partnership will also provide users with access to LucidWorks enterprise features, such as advanced search and indexing, to facilitate insights into comments on social media and marketing applications, log entries in Internet of Things, security and fraud applications, content on web, mobile and social applications as well as to support non-technical users of Splice Machine-powered applications to find data without SQL expertise.

“A modern database needs both technologies,” said Monte Zweben, co-founder and CEO of Splice Machine. “LucidWorks Search makes it easy to find records across multiple tables that match patterns, while SQL powers application logic and analysis. Our partnership with LucidWorks helps us to level the playing field, so more individuals have the right tools to make powerful, data-driven decisions across the enterprise.”

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