Splice Machine and Talend Team Up to Improve Data Workflows in Hadoop

Splice Machine is partnering with Talend to enable customers to simplify data integration and streamline data workflows on Hadoop. Through this partnership, organizations building operational data lakes with Splice Machine can augment Talend’s data integration technology with its data quality capabilities. On the Splice Machine Hadoop RDBMS, these tools can profile data, identify anomalies, cleanse and monitor data quality.

“One of the most commonly requested features or complementary technologies with something like ours is a mechanism to move data into Splice Machine,” said Krishnan Parasuraman, vice president of business development of Splice Machine. “We house, store, manage, and allow you to perform actions on the data but bringing data from the source systems to Splice Machine is something we don’t do and that’s where a partner like Talend comes in.”

The partnership with Talend will provide businesses with a standard ANSI SQL database, the proven scale-out of Hadoop, and the ability to leverage current staff, operations, and applications without specialized hardware or significant application rewrites. “Talend’s value proposition is that they have a specialized integrating data from different types of sources into different type of destinations,” Parasuraman said. 

“Our messages are around driving down costs, taking out expensive infrastructure, and moving away from a traditional licensing model to a more subscription based licensing model.  All of the key components that we advocate, Talend also advocates,” Parasuraman said. “There was incredible synergy there.”

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