Splunk Adds New SDKs to Extend the Power of Splunk Software

Splunk, a provider of real-time operational intelligence software is offering new software development kits (SDKs) for Java and Python to make it easier for application developers to customize Splunk Enterprise, enabling real-time big data insights across the organization. Splunk previously released the GA version of the Splunk SDK for JavaScript for Splunk Enterprise 5, and a Splunk SDK for PHP is in public preview.

Splunk announced beta releases of all of  its SDKs at its user conference in Las Vegas in September in Las Vegas and now they have “graduated,” to general availability, Jon Rooney, director of developer marketing at Splunk, tells 5 Minute Briefing. With the announcement of general availability, "They are more thorough, and more fully documented, and they make it easier to do some basic tasks.” The SDKs are “very much about extending the platform and extending the use cases of Splunk within the organization and the development platform and the SDKs, which are built around the REST API enable that  customization of Splunk," Rooney notes.

The Splunk SDKs for Java, Javascript, PHP and Python are built on a fully-documented and supported REST API and include documentation, code samples, resources and tools to help developers build on the Splunk platform, so that, with just a few lines of code, they can easily manage HTTP access, authentication and namespaces.

“What we really want to do is bring Splunk and the Splunk capabilities to the existing skill set of developers,” says Rooney. “It is the idea of enabling the entire organization with the insights,  the machine data, the big data insights that IT traditionally has gotten out of Splunk -  and bringing those same insights to marketing, to sales, to customer service, and other divisions and other organizations to break the stovepipe of traditional enterprise. We feel that developers and the developer platform is the key to doing that.”

More information is available about Splunk Enterprise and the Splunk SDK for Java, the Splunk SDK for JavaScript, the Splunk SDK for PHP, and the Splunk SDK for Python are available for download.