Splunk Empowers Non-IT Users, Goes Mobile, and Speeds Up in Latest Release

Splunk Inc. has released the latest version of its flagship software, Splunk Enterprise 4.3, which extracts and harnesses customers' machine data and translates it into real-time operational intelligence. 

One of the cornerstones of Splunk's design has been its ease of use, and the latest release continues that emphasis, according to the company.  Splunk 4.3 supports non-IT and business users by making it, "a lot simpler to organize a dashboard or visualization according to how you want to see it yourself without having to code anything or speak to the IT person," Sanjay Mehta, senior director of product marketing at Splunk, tells 5 Minute Briefing.  "We don't require that you're a data scientist or advanced statistician to use Splunk."

The latest release from Splunk also enables greater mobile accessibility.  The new non-Flash user interface allows customers to, "use the information on whichever device they would like, whether it's a laptop, desktop, or their iPad," thus permitting users to access valuable operational intelligence "wherever they are and whenever they need it," states Mehta. 

In addition, Splunk 4.3 improves the speed and scale of data collection and provides more powerful data integration capabilities.  With up to 10x more concurrent users and 10x faster searches, "what used to take users hours now takes them minutes," thereby freeing up IT and giving them, "more time to innovate and work on value-add projects," explains Mehta.  Moreover, Splunk 4.3's ability to integrate real-time and historical data, gives users, "one place to access all of the information about what's happening in their IT infrastructure."

Splunk's customers, who are primarily in the telecommunications, financial services, and retail industries, as well as the federal government, have been able to derive value from the software almost immediately, according to the company.  Mehta states, "We have lots of examples of customers who are seeing tremendous ROI from Splunk," as they gain "insight into how customers are behaving, how users are transacting, and how products and services are being consumed," Mehta states. 

A free version of Splunk Enterprise 4.3 is available now for download on