Splunk Enterprise 5 Adds Features for Developers Building Big Data Applications

Real-time operational intelligence provider Splunk has announced the general availability of Splunk Enterprise 5, the latest version of the company's flagship product. The new release includes added features to create a platform for developers building big data applications.

"Even as data volume and complexity are growing exponentially, the time people are willing to wait for answers is shrinking," observes Guido Schroeder, senior vice president of products, Splunk.

According to the company, with Splunk Enterprise 5, reports are up to 1,000 times faster and dashboards are easier to navigate and share. In addition, dynamic drilldowns integrate simple workflows, providing a more intuitive user experience, and integrated PDFs enable reports or dashboards to be shared with anyone on demand or on a scheduled basis.

Splunk Enterprise 5 also introduces patent pending Index Replication that delivers built-in high availability and enterprise-class resilience, while scaling on commodity servers and storage. As data is collected and indexed, multiple identical copies are maintained. During an outage, incoming data continues to get indexed and indexed data continues to be searchable. Set up is simple and management is done through the Splunk Manager user interface.

In addition, Splunk Enterprise 5 contains platform features that improve extensibility, modularity and interoperability, as well as features that enable users to capitalize on the benefits of Splunk-Hadoop integration. Splunk Hadoop Connect provides bi-directional integration to easily and reliably move data between Splunk Enterprise and Hadoop, making it easier and faster to complete enterprise-grade big data projects.

For more information, visit Splunk Inc.