Splunk Enterprise 6 Introduces Redesigned User Experience Connecting Business and IT

Splunk, a platform for real-time operational intelligence, introduced its Splunk Enterprise 6 edition. Splunk’s mission is to make machine data accessible, usable and valuable to everyone and - to further that objective - Splunk Enterprise 6 has features that are aimed at eliminating the data divide struggle between the business and IT. 

With speeds up to 1,000 times faster than previous versions, Splunk Enterprise 6 delivers powerful and fast analytics as well as patent-pending technology designed to  provide access to the value of machine data to IT and business users. 

Splunk Enterprise 6 is designed to give users of any skill level an easier way to deploy, arrange and manage machine data. New productivity features including Pivot, Data Models and High Performance Analytics Store help customers get the simplicity they need that was not available before. 

The Pivot interface feature includes a drag-and-drop option, an easy way for users and analysts to explore and control any data they want to analyze. This includes the ability to quickly build complex queries and reports without having to learn different computer language.

When you bring in all this data, it creates an audience that says they want access to the data, explained Manish Kalra, director of product marketing at Splunk. Kalra said that while Splunk Enterprise 6 is very interactive and well-suited to technical users who seek to find their needle in the haystack, Splunk also anticipates an increase in the number of business users that will use the platform because of the new analytics features.

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