Splunk Releases New Virtualization Monitoring Tool

Splunk Inc., provider of real-time operational intelligence solution, is shipping a new version of its virtual environment reporting app, providing more operational visibility into virtualized environments. Version 3.1 of the Splunk App for VMware includes 200 out-of-the-box reports, the ability to identify outliers for real-time triage, and built-in correlation into storage systems including a direct drill-down into data from NetApp Data ONTAP.

“Enterprise clouds based on VMware are transforming traditional data centers and driving the need for operational visibility across all infrastructure and application tiers,” said Leena Joshi, senior director of infrastructure operations marketing for Splunk. “Our latest version pre-packages correlations across virtualization and storage tiers to help organizations tackle the hardest operational problems. We are simplifying the way data center operations personnel gain real-time and historical insights into the virtualization layer, with the full context of application and infrastructure performance, health, capacity and security.”

Features of the new app include operational performance insights, designed to help administrators visualize the operational health of the VMware environment with customizable reports; identify under-performing or distressed hosts, virtual machines (VMs) and data stores in real time.

In addition, advanced mapping visualizations provide access to interactive, visual maps of virtual environments, highlighting problems and statistical comparisons based on predefined, customizable thresholds. Immediately identify outliers that fall outside the normal distribution on a statistical map of the VMware environment.

The new release also includes advanced analytics, which helps forecast future resource CPU, memory and disk requirements on VMware VCenter, ESXi hosts and VMs using various predictive algorithms; gain visibility into potential security breaches and non-compliant usage patterns; explore unique errors and exceptions; track changes with visibility into vCenter tasks.

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