Splunk Unveils Advancements Across its Product Portfolio and Partner Community

Splunk Inc., a data platform provider for security and observability, is offering new capabilities to power integrated security and observability on a shared data platform, helping organizations achieve end-to-end visibility, rapid time to investigation and action, and greater extensibility to solve data-centric challenges.

New product capabilities Splunk announced include:

  • The Splunk Platform, including Splunk Cloud Platform and Splunk Enterprise 9.0, which is now generally available, allows customers to access more data sources easily, find and operationalize insights even faster, secure and scale deployments, and streamline administration to turn data insights into business outcomes.
  • Data Manager for Splunk Cloud Platform delivers a scalable data onboarding experience across Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure today, with Google Cloud Platform support available later this summer, providing an easy-to-manage hybrid cloud control plane of data flowing into Splunk within minutes.
  • Splunk Log Observer Connect allows customers to visualize all their data in one place by combining the power of Splunk Cloud Platform and Splunk Observability, enabling site reliability engineers and DevOps engineers to access their metrics, traces, and Splunk Cloud logs in a single interface for faster, in-context debugging.
  • Splunk Incident Intelligence, now in preview, helps DevOps teams investigate incidents and take action to ensure better system resilience by providing event correlation, incident response and on-call routing, collaboration, and automation—all within a unified workflow.
  • Anomaly Detection Assistant simplifies investigation and helps security analysts, IT operations and DevOps engineers find potential problems by using machine learning to craft a perfectly tuned query quickly in order to identify anomalies in a time-series datasets.
  • Risk-based alerting in Splunk Enterprise Security, combined with risk-notable playbooks from Splunk SOAR, allows customers to enforce a zero trust approach, prioritize high-fidelity incidents and ensure rapid time to action by automating containment and response tasks in seconds.

Additionally, Splunk recently introduced several new Partnerverse program features and tools designed to help partners expand and differentiate their offerings. Enhancements include access to the Splunk Cloud Sandbox and a new Funded Partner Training benefit.

“Our unified security and observability platform keeps organizations secure and resilient in today’s complex and unpredictable world,” said Gary Steele, president and CEO, Splunk. “We help the world’s largest and most dynamic organizations stop cyber threats in their tracks, find bad actors and resolve incidents quickly. With end-to-end visibility across an enterprise’s entire stack, from the infrastructure and application to the digital customer experience, Splunk enables customers to build faster, better digital experiences more effectively.”

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