Splunk Unveils Latest Innovations for Enterprise Cybersecurity and Observability

Splunk, Inc., the cybersecurity and observability provider, is unveiling new updates to the company’s unified security and observability platform designed to increase the safety and resilience of its customers’ digital enterprises. With enhancements to both Splunk Mission Control and Splunk Observability Cloud, organizations will be better equipped to mitigate cybersecurity threats in the midst of their digital transformation efforts.

Splunk Mission Control enables security operations centers (SOC) to detect, investigate, and respond to threats from a single, unified work surface, according to the vendor. By centralizing Splunk’s security technologies within Mission Control—including security analytics with Splunk Enterprise Security, automation and orchestration with Splunk SOAR, and other threat intelligence functions—security teams have more time to focus on mission-critical tasks while engaging in more proactive, agile security operations.

Mission control is available to Splunk Enterprise Cloud customers, based on technical and regional requirements.

“GoTo sees Splunk Mission Control as a solution that can take its security operation to the next level,” said Michael Rennie, technical manager of security operations at GoTo. “The more we can centralize our SOAR, threat intelligence, and ticketing system data in Mission Control, the more time we can save."

Accompanying Splunk’s Observability Cloud is Splunk Incident Intelligence and Splunk APM, two enhancements built to improve the efficacy of proactive security, as well as leverage ML to reduce the manual workload and enhance alert accuracy. Splunk Incident Intelligence empowers on-call team efficiency for diagnosing, resolving, and restoring services prior to customer impact, while Splunk APM provides autodetect capabilities underpinned by IM Network Explore for cloud network health monitoring.

The Splunk Observability Cloud enhancements are now generally available.

Additionally, Splunk Edge Processor equips the Splunk Cloud Platform with increased visibility into streaming data before it leaves the network, as well as increased control. Featuring filter, mask, and route data functions, Edge Processor empowers efficiency in data transformation supported by streamlined data search and preparation through the Splunk Search Processing Language (SPL2).

The Splunk Edge Processor is now generally available.

“Organizations must focus on digital transformation and deliver value for their customers, but their teams are constantly facing cybersecurity threats, IT system stressors, and other adverse events,” said Tom Casey, senior vice president of products and technology at Splunk. “Splunk’s latest product innovations will help our customers mitigate these challenges. Splunk’s integrated security and observability solutions help security operations, IT operations, and DevOps teams work smarter and better together to achieve this transformation and build digital resilience.”

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