Splunk offers Round of Updates for its Enterprise and Cloud Platforms

Splunk is unveiling a new edition of Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Cloud, making it easier than ever for a wide range of users to leverage datasets, build dashboards, get answers and share insights.

Indexer and search head clustering enhancements make the platform easier to manage at scale.

The new update introduces Datasets Explorer, which allows you to use a pre-prepared dataset to create/schedule a report and export it in CSV format.

Another new feature is Dashboard Drilldown, which makes it easier to build a guided dashboard navigation experience, without writing any Simple XML.

Search Productivity enhancements such as dynamic formatting, improved search optimization and a new SPL command "union” are also included.

Trellis Layout builds multiple visualizations powered by a single search to compare different segments of a dataset.

The update features admin productivity enhancements like the new data quality dashboard and knowledge object management along with app Management improvements for Splunk Cloud customers.

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