Spot by NetApp Becomes FinOps Certified, Introduces New Cost Intelligence Features

NetApp, the intelligent data infrastructure company, is announcing that Spot by NetApp—a part of NetApp’s portfolio of cloud services powering application infrastructure for the cloud—has achieved the FinOps Certified Platform certification from the FinOps Foundation. This certification solidifies Spot by NetApp’s ability to deliver services that enterprises require for responsible cloud financial management, according to the company. Spot by NetApp’s FinOps achievement is also accompanied by the expansion of its platform, announcing the GA of its Cost Intelligence and Billing Engine solutions.

Though cloud is becoming the premier destination for robust, modern enterprises, it does not come without a cost—literally. Migrating workloads to cloud environments often results in rampant, uncontrollable costs, especially as both over- and under-provisioning cloud resources inhibit organizational efficiency and value.

Unlike other, more traditional FinOps tools that lack the depth necessary to address the complexity of cloud costs, Spot by NetApp delivers a holistic, integrated suite of FinOps services designed for the intelligent data infrastructure environments that enterprises seek, according to the company. With its latest FinOps certification, Spot by NetApp is affirmed in its ability to unify cloud costs and infrastructure optimization—as well as deliver efficient analytics to maximize cloud value—with FinOps best practices at its core.

“According to the FinOps Framework, implementing a productive FinOps strategy requires effective collaboration between teams. Effective collaboration requires full access to both financial and cloud operations data,” said Mike Fuller, CTO of the FinOps Foundation. “A thoughtful and comprehensive approach to FinOps helps organizations maximize the business value of the cloud so they can more easily achieve their business goals. We recognize Spot by NetApp as a FinOps Certified Platform due to its ability to deliver software that helps organizations successfully adopt FinOps practices.”

“The expansion of our integrated FinOps offering and becoming a FinOps Certified Platform is a true validation of Spot by NetApp's vision and approach to leveraging data and technology to help customers get the most from their cloud investments,” said Haiyan Song, executive vice president of cloud operations at NetApp. “Our comprehensive and integrated portfolio spans financial management and continuous cloud infrastructure optimization. We continue to innovate and evolve our cutting-edge AI powered solutions, harnessing the intelligence from the vast workloads and infrastructure under management by Spot by NetApp to provide critical insights in FinOps management and enable autoscaling and continuous optimization.”

Additionally, Spot by NetApp is launching two new product modules: Cost Intelligence and Billing Engine. With these enhancements, organizations can simplify their FinOps practices without sacrificing accurate, in-depth analysis of cloud spend.

Cost Intelligence is engineered to provide panoramic visibility on cloud costs, resources, and usage throughout multi-cloud environments. Delivered as interactive dashboards and drill down reports, Cost Intelligence affords organizations with actionable insights that incorporate best practices checks that instantly flag potential issues.

With Billing Engine, users benefit from holistic billing reporting paired with intelligent cost allocation capabilities, such as chargeback and showback. This module empowers enterprises to better track and manage cloud spend across different teams, inviting a sense of accountability, according to NetApp.

“Expanding our FinOps offerings with Cost Intelligence and Billing Engine is another step forward in our ongoing mission to support our customers and unlock more value from the cloud,” noted Song.

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