SpringSource Announces Server Designed to Notch Up Developer Productivity and Operational Control

SpringSource, a division of VMware, Inc. and vendor in Java application infrastructure and management, has launched a platform based on the Apache Tomcat server, intended to provide higher levels of productivity, operational control and deployment flexibility for customers building and deploying Spring applications. The new product, SpringSource tc Server Spring Edition, is intended to provide developers and operators with faster development and insight into the performance and health of their Spring applications. Additionally, the lightweight footprint of tc Server helps ensure greater resource utilization across virtual and cloud environments.

"This release of tc Server makes tc Server the best place to build and run Spring applications," Randy MacBlane, director of engineering, SpringSource, tells 5 Minute Briefing. A key aspect of tc Server Spring Edition, notes MacBlane, is its tie-in to VMware and "the applicability of this lean application server and Spring-based applications to virtualized environments." According to the company, in order to deploy applications properly in virtual environments, the application server must require a very small footprint. In this respect, tc Server Spring Edition is highly suitable for virtual deployments which are the on ramp to cloud computing.

This new lightweight edition of tc Server makes it easy for customers currently running Spring applications on Java EE servers to migrate to tc Server Spring Edition. The lean architecture also allows customers running on Tomcat servers who want enterprise features and customer support to migrate to tc Server Spring Edition, according to the SpringSource.

SpringSource tc Server 2.0 will be generally available in early April 2010 and in three packages, including Spring Edition and Standard Edition. Additionally, a Developer Edition provides deep visibility into the health and performance of Spring applications through Spring Insight, a performance dashboard which provides developers a view into how their application is running, and the ability to drill down and see where bottlenecks are happening in real time, MacBlane notes.

As part of the introduction of SpringSource tc Server Spring Edition, VMware is unveiling the "Spring on VMware" Promotion through which licenses of tc Server are offered at no additional cost for a limited time with the sale of qualifying VMware products. The promotion marks the first time that SpringSource solutions are available from VMware channel partners.

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