SpringSource Releases Developer Edition of tc Server

SpringSource, a division of VMware, Inc. and a provider of Java application infrastructure and management software, has introduced SpringSource tc Server Developer Edition, an Apache Tomcat-compatible platform that gives developers deep visibility and relevant information for debugging and improving the performance of their Spring applications.

Earlier this year, SpringSource released tc Server, which is an enterprise version of Apache Tomcat that provides developers with a lightweight server paired with the operational management, advanced diagnostics, and mission-critical support capabilities businesses need. Now, SpringSource tc Server Developer Edition enhances Apache Tomcat further by providing Java developers with deep visibility into the performance characteristics and execution details of their Spring applications while they are being developed.

The key component of tc Server Developer Edition is the Spring Insight console, a dashboard view of real-time Spring application performance metrics. Without changing their code, developers can use Spring Insight to detect, analyze and diagnose application performance issues right from their desktops. In addition, SpringSource tc Server Developer Edition is integrated with the SpringSource Tool Suite, an Eclipse-powered development environment for building Spring-powered enterprise applications, so that developers can isolate the exact section of code that is at issue, and fix the problem quickly.

"There are 3 million Java developers using SpringSource and we are now improving their productivity with the release of the tc Server Developer Edition," Shaun Connolly, vice president of product management at SpringSource, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "This edition is bringing advanced performance analysis capabilities to developer's desktops and can be used until the applications are moved into production. It can analyze application performance all the way down to SQL calls, and provides direct links to code that needs to be changed directly from within the Spring Insight console."

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