Springsource Acquires Hyperic

SpringSource today announced it has acquired substantially all of the assets of Hyperic, an open source provider in web application and infrastructure management. San Francisco-based Hyperic's solutions monitor and manage the performance and availability of the application stack to provide IT and web operations a unified view and control of the performance and health of their web infrastructure.

SpringSource is taking responsibility for streamlining enterprise Java "to cater to the needs of developers, IT administrators and operators who create, deploy and manage business-critical applications," observes Rod Johnson, SpringSource CEO, in a statement released by the company. The acquisition of Hyperic enables SpringSource to provide a suite of lean application infrastructure software products that enable enterprises to accelerate the build, run, and manage application lifecycle within the data center, virtual, or cloud computing environments, he adds.

"This is the marriage of two companies that share a common vision for the future of enterprise solutions and the application lifecycle. SpringSource is the default choice for many developers and IT architects creating Java applications, and Hyperic is the default choice for many IT operations professionals that need to manage those applications," states Javier Soltero, formerly CEO of Hyperic and now CTO of Management Products at SpringSource. More details about the acquisition are available here.