Sqrrl Secures New Funding and Launches Version 2.0

Sqrrl, a big data analytics company that develops software to uncover hidden patterns, trends, and links in data, has announced the launch of Sqrrl Enterprise 2.0 coinciding with receiving $7 million in new funding. The new Series B financing was led by Rally Ventures and with participation by existing investors, Atlas Venture and Matrix Partners.

Sqrrl software was built using Apache Accumulo, a fine grained database that allows for one of Sqrrl’s unique features: cell level security.   

Sqrrl was developed by former employees of the NSA. “We don’t shy away from our NSA heritage, we see it as a strength,” stated Ely Kahn, co-founder and director of business development for Sqrrl. “Security is not only baked into the DNA of our company, but our technology as well. I would argue that there are very few data bases that are designed from the ground up with security in mind.”

According to the company security is incorporated into its software from the very beginning. Accumulo enables the tagging of every piece of data that enters the system. These tags are then used to determine which users have access to the data at the application layer.

“Think of Accumulo as a massive spreadsheet with every cell having its own unique security controls, which is where cell level security comes from,” explained Kahn. This is more advanced than traditional security methods which are typically at the row or column level. Sqrrl offers a linked data analysis platform which has Accumulo as its foundation, but is packaged with other software as well. It is aimed towards being an analyst’s tool with a focus on security.

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