StackIQ Updates Data Center Automation Portfolio

StackIQ Inc., a provider of server automation solutions, has released a new version of software offering key new data center automation capabilities. The updated product, StackIQ Boss 5, performs server discovery, pre-configuration, base installation, and ongoing health and performance monitoring. The solution is designed to ensure that the proper settings for site configuration, network configuration, security policies, and overall corporate compliance are achieved blazingly fast with a massively parallelized installation engine.

“Boss 5 extends our full stack server automation capabilities to Docker containers as well as enhancing all of our Hadoop and OpenStack solutions,” says Tim McIntire, CEO and co-founder of StackIQ Inc. “We are bullish on big data and thrilled about helping customers accelerate deployment of infrastructures to seize the many opportunities that deep analytics and insights bring.”

The new release is also part of a rebranding of StackIQ’s products: StackIQ Boss was StackIQ Cluster Manager; while StackIQ Rolls became StackIQ Pallets; and StackIQ Wire is the new name for the programmatic framework used to access and control the many services of Boss.

StackIQ Pallets are pre-built configuration packages that contain details specific to certain applications, middleware, or physical infrastructure. These Pallets are available as sets or a la carte depending on customer requirements. The Pallets provide the necessary deep "line of sight" from the application layer (e.g., commercial Hadoop package) to the underlying server cluster.

StackIQ Wire is Boss’ programmable framework so that third party management systems can enroll whole clusters, individual nodes (based on machine types or roles), or run health checks for performance monitoring or troubleshooting. Wire also enables IT ops to create and tailor Pallets to meet the organization’s specific needs (e.g., add custom monitoring, install different version of Java). This makes Pallet installations extremely flexible.

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