Stacklet Reveals Jun0, an AI-Driven Assistant for Cloud Governance

Stacklet, creators and lead maintainers of CNCF's Cloud Custodian project, is unveiling Jun0, a powerful new assistant powered by artificial intelligence (AI) to help teams speed up cloud governance tasks, reporting, and initiatives using simple text-based queries.

Stacklet Jun0 combines an underlying large language mode (LLM) with Stacklet AssetDB, the company's proprietary asset database to uncover complex insights, generate policies, and recommendations faster for teams. 

With the introduction of Stacklet Jun0, Stacklet now layers generative AI capabilities on top of its core platform, enhancing DevSecOps and FinOps team productivity by making it easier for organizations to embrace governance as code.

Based on the popular open source project Cloud Custodian, Stacklet Platform delivers frictionless governance that accelerates cloud adoption in large-scale environments, according to the company.

Offered as part of the core Stacklet Platform, Jun0 offers a range of benefits to organizations, including:

  • Reducing the time spent reporting and ability to get answers faster: Stacklet Jun0’s LLM uses Stacklet’s proprietary, real-time cloud asset database and tagging structure as additional data sources to answer ad-hoc, complex questions about your cloud platform. Users can use text-based queries to ask questions related to operations, cost, security, and compliance domains.
  • Simplifying and speeding up governance policy creation: Using natural language to generate and validate cloud governance policies. You can also dry-run policies against your cloud platform to test, visualize, and share initial findings.
  • Boosting savings and security posture through AI-driven recommendations: Stacklet Jun0 can provide intelligent recommendations on improving cloud cost optimization, security posture, and compliance score. Leveraging an understanding of your existing cloud posture, Stacklet’s policy repository, and knowledge base, you will get actionable, real-world insights to be better managed in the cloud.

“Generative AI has made tremendous progress over the past couple of years,” said Travis Stanfield, co-founder, and CEO, Stacklet. “We believe augmenting Generative AI capabilities throughout Stacklet Platform will help our customers become more productive and bridge skill gaps in their organizations as they accelerate and optimize usage of cloud platforms.”

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