Starburst Integrates with dbt Cloud to Power Cross-Platform Data Transformation

Starburst, the data lake analytics platform, is offering a new integration with dbt Cloud, a fast and reliable way to deploy dbt, enabling dbt users to easily build data pipelines spanning multiple data sources on one central plane.

The integration includes an enhanced adapter between dbt Cloud and Starburst's SaaS offering, Starburst Galaxy, enabling dbt users to easily federate data across multiple disparate sources or access new data sources before it lands in their central data lake or warehouse.

"Combining the power of Starburst's data lake analytics platform with dbt Cloud, enterprise customers can more easily transform data wherever it lives without suffering through cumbersome and expensive ETL processes," said Harrison Johnson, head of technology partnerships at Starburst. "This integration addresses the needs of the enterprise customer base, helping them get the most out of their existing systems and extending dbt's world class analytics engineering workflow platform to new cloud-first use cases without additional operational overhead."

With this integration, dbt Cloud customers can get the most value out of all of their data with confidence, regardless of where it currently resides without adding the complexity of data ingestion (ETL) pipelines. This is a major benefit for dbt users who would need to otherwise rely on data engineering pipelines for ingestion, according to the vendors.

"dbt enables data teams to work faster and more efficiently to bring order to organizational knowledge," said Nikhil Kothari, head of technology partnerships at dbt Labs. "By combining the power of dbt Cloud with the flexibility of Starburst, we're empowering a new segment of users to easily create analytical data assets, without having to be constrained by where the data lives."

The new adapter is now generally available in dbt Cloud. In just a few clicks, customers can create a new dbt Cloud project, select Starburst as the data platform and connect. Within minutes, customers can make use of Starburst's high-performance query engine to transform data using dbt.

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