Starburst Unveils End-to-End Lakehouse Platform Built on Open-Source Trino and Apache Iceberg

Starburst, the open data lakehouse company, is introducing its fully managed Icehouse implementation on Starburst’s multi-cloud data lakehouse service, Galaxy.

According to the company, with the Galaxy Icehouse, customers can benefit from the scalability, performance, and cost-effectiveness of a combined Trino and Iceberg architecture (Icehouse) without the burden and cost of building and maintaining a custom solution themselves.

"Adding a fully managed Icehouse implementation to Starburst Galaxy marks a significant milestone in our journey to provide the most advanced and user-friendly open data analytics platform available," said Justin Borgman, co-founder and CEO of Starburst. "This enhancement, combined with our suite of innovative features, empowers customers to navigate the complexities of data and analytics with greater ease, efficiency, and accuracy."

Starburst’s Icehouse builds on the proven Trino SQL analytics, governance, and auto-scaling capabilities in Starburst Galaxy, and adds new support for near real-time data ingestion at petabyte-scale into managed Iceberg tables.

However, ingesting data at scale is not enough—the data isn’t useful to an organization until it meets its correctness and performance requirements, delivering end-user value in the form of live apps and dashboards. With Starburst's Icehouse, customers' data and development teams can use easy-to-use Structured Query Language (SQL) to prepare and optimize their data and make it available for production use in near real-time, according to the company.

Further, building on the auto-tuning capabilities in Starburst Warp Speed, Starburst’s Icehouse automatically uses the optimized data to improve query performance, enabling interactive use cases without requiring costly expert tuning and code changes.

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