Startup Munbo Software Aims to Alleviate Headache and High Cost of Developing Business Apps

Munbo Software has launched a new application development platform to ease the pain of developers working with complex multi-tiered architectures. Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, Munbo was founded in 2010 by Angelo Doukas and Stephen Gregan, and has been developing the platform for the past 7 years.

According to the startup, building applications using multi-tiered architectures has become too difficult and costly due to three key issues: complex application layer processing; a scarcity of people skilled in both presentation and business logic; and browser languages, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript,  that were not designed to support business systems.

“At the application layer, ensuring multiple components work seamlessly together requires the developer to master many different technologies and, at the presentation layer, the work that goes into coding hand-crafted screens is time-consuming and expensive,” said Angelo Doukas, CEO and co-founder of Munbo Software. “That’s what drove us to create an entirely new approach to working with multi-tiered application architectures.”

With the launch, the company is introducing the Munbo Frameworks with two approaches, one for the application layer and one for the presentation layer. Munbo says the frameworks employ an XML messaging model to facilitate the complete separation of presentation and business logic, which reduces the time and cost required to build and maintain applications, as well as the level and range of developer skills required. The idea is to allow a business to change its software development focus from how to implement an application within a programming framework, to what the application needs to implement from a business perspective.

Munbo Application Framework (MAF) is a framework deployed in the application layer of multi-tiered applications, providing components that the company says eliminates most of the coding required in this layer. MAF Server (the central component) is an "Inversion of Control" container with an inbuilt administration system, and enforces the separation of presentation and business logic, allowing separate teams to independently develop and test the presentation and business logic layers.

MAF comes in two versions: MAF Server Developer Edition, which is a free, single user license intended for use by developers; and MAF Server Enterprise Edition for use in an enterprise environment that supports an unlimited number of users and applications.

The second framework, the Munbo Presentation Framework (MPF), is deployed in the presentation layer of multi-tiered applications, enabling developers to build presentation in truly astonishing timeframes using standard programming languages. The main component of MPF is a declarative browser—analogous to a standard HTML browser but specifically designed for business—that provides a library of pre-coded visual components within a structured, secure environment focusing on the needs of business.

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