Steve O’Neal at Rocket Software Talks MV’s Promising Future in Big Data

MultiValue technologies aren’t going anywhere. In fact, Steve O’Neal, a principal solutions architect at Rocket Software, believes MV will play an important role as big data evolves in the future.

“Because of its flexible design, it allows you to expand and include things that were never anticipated and  to do things in the future that you don’t even see in the present,” O’Neal said. “As the future presents itself to you, you can step into it knowing that the MultiValue database line is going to support you as you move forward.”

MV provides a foundation to allow users to step into, grow, and do things faster than other organizations, O’Neal explained.

Though many may know MV as a legacy tool, the database technology is constantly changing by integrating more language capabilities and providing a complete solution with the use of developed security tools and more.

MV solutions can be added without a database administrator and developers can do things very quickly without having to work with others, speeding up the process, O’Neal said.

With MV always looking to the future, he believes MV vendors, such as Rocket, will look to add RESTful web services and increase its total commitment to high availability disaster recovery to build other databases.

“The ability for us to user high availability disaster recovery to write natively to another database very quickly allows us to do reporting and other requirements to interface with other systems extremely easily,” O’Neal said.

What makes MV successful is that it has an easy-to-grasp, flexible design that allows users to do things that are incredibly complex, O’Neal noted.

“Through this ability, you can do things that are very, very complex that most other databases find arduous,” O’Neal said. “MultiValue is much easier to deal with, much more straightforward. A developer can understand something really complex and the database gets out of its way in order for somebody to develop something that is expandable.”