Stone Bond Brings Mainframe Data into Salesforce Portal

Stone Bond Technologies announced that it has created a new level of data federation connectivity, enabling users to work live within screens without the data ever having to leave the System z host system. Stone Bond's flagship product, Enterprise Enabler Virtuoso, is creating virtual data sets by federating on-premise mainframe data, and providing a new integration to view the data side-by-side within the data view. 

“This new capability effectively enables to become a portal to all corporate data in a highly secure environment,” says Pamela Szabo, chief technology officer at Stone Bond. “It stems from listening to customer concerns over accessing data and having a fluid way to view the data inside their social enterprise environment.”

As datasets grow in complexity and importance for running a collaborative enterprise, being able to work fluidly in the environment helps those companies facing significant regulations and rigorous governance that often place limitations on duplicating or manipulating corporate data.

Originally developed for a large financial services holding company, this new feature within the Enterprise Enabler's Enterprise Master Service eliminates the previous requirement of storing associated corporate data on Salesforce's proprietary database. Stone Bond's solution leverages its out-of-the-box rapid integration capabilities to virtualize and federate disparate data without a custom programming effort.

This latest news comes on the heels of Stone Bond releasing the latest version of its flagship offering of Enterprise Enabler Virtuoso, a multi-application data integration solution designed to solve the complex problems associated with data virtualization, federation and orchestration.

More information is at the Stone Bond Technologies website.