StorMagic Launches SvHCI, a Cost-Effective, Full-Stack HCI for Edge and SMB Environments

StorMagic, the company solving the world’s edge data problems, is unveiling SvHCI, an innovative response to the spike in costs of hypervisors—namely, by VMware and its recent acquisition by Broadcom. SvHCI is the world’s most inexpensive, full-stack, hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solution—offering both a hypervisor and a storage layer—purpose-built for edge and small to medium-sized business (SMB) environments, according to StorMagic.

StorMagic’s SvHCI was born from a multitude of market conditions, ultimately deriving from a need for a full-stack HCI product built for edge and SMB enterprises. According to the 2024 Gartner Market Guide for Full-Stack Hyperconverged Infrastructure Software, “the 30% of the non-market leading full-stack HCI installed base that exists in 2024 will increase to 60% by 2029.” Furthermore, according to StorMagic’s customer and partner survey which examined the demand for a new full-stack HCI product among 302 respondents, 42% were ready for a beta/free-trial and 56% were investigating their options—while only 2% were staying with VMware.

These conditions “gave us the confidence that there's enough turmoil in the market right now that there's an opportunity for a company like us that focuses on edge and SMB,” explained Bruce Kornfeld, chief marketing and product officer at StorMagic. “We have a very reliable, solid product in our storage solution, and now we're just adding onto it this hypervisor component. Customers can run their applications right on a full stack from StorMagic and not have to go to VMware for the hypervisor and to us for the storage. They get everything from StorMagic.”

SvHCI installs directly onto new or existing servers, delivering a KVM-based hypervisor, advanced virtual networking, and SvSAN—StorMagic’s storage layer depended on for 100% uptime by customers who currently use VMware or Microsoft hypervisors, according to the company.

This full-stack solution largely simplifies enterprise operations while empowering high availability for edge and SMB environments with only two servers—ultimately reducing software costs by up to 62% over VMware, according to StorMagic.

“In any kind of technology, people are moving so fast these days that everybody [just] wants simple,” noted Kornfield. “People don't want to slow down and read a manual and figure things out. They just want the solution to install and work…Our new product is designed for a customer to take a [brand new] server out-of-the-box…and install our software. You'll be running applications in under an hour.”

Ultimately, “everyone's blown away by what's going on due to the Broadcom changes with VMware; it's sent a shockwave through the industry. What are small customers going to do? What are big customers going to do at their small sites?” posed Kornfield.

“There's so much uncertainty in this market right now that I believe that the industry is looking for players like StorMagic to solve these problems with reliable solutions that are easy to install and can save them a lot of money compared to what they would have to spend to stay with VMware and Broadcom,” concluded Kornfield.

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