StorageTek Tape Analytics Provides Intelligent Monitoring and Management

Oracle has announced StorageTek Tape Analytics, monitoring and management software for its StorageTek tape libraries. The software is intended to simplify tape management by eliminating manual intervention and help improve operational efficiency. It captures library, drive and media performance metrics and presents them in a single pane of glass, identifying potential problems while providing immediate recommendations to prevent data loss. StorageTek Tape Analytics software also allows rapid drill-down into detailed drive and media health specifics, enabling customers to make decisions about their tape infrastructure, and reduce downtime and data management resources.

"Oracle's StorageTek Tape Analytics software allows customers better insight into the health of their tape environments and arms them with the information to maximize the value of their storage investments," says James Cates, vice president, Hardware Development, Oracle. "Ideal for backup and archive data residing locally or in the cloud, Oracle's approach is secure, efficient and cost effective.  Its savings for customers can be quite substantial as it does not require special media, but rather it works with the customer's existing supported media, regardless of the vendor."

StorageTek Tape Analytics software is available exclusively for Oracle's StorageTek Modular Library Systems, and adds to an integrated solution that includes Oracle 11g Recovery Manager, Oracle Secure Backup, Oracle's Sun Storage Archive Manager software running with Oracle Solaris and Oracle Linux, Oracle's SPARC and Sun x86 servers, Oracle Exadata Database Machine, Oracle SPARC SuperCluster,  Oracle Database Appliance, Oracle's Sun Storage and Oracle's StorageTek Tape.

More information is available from Oracle on StorageTek Tape Analytics