StoredIQ Now Officially a Part of the IBM Organization

IBM says it has completed the acquisition of StoredIQ, a privately held company based in Austin, Texas. The acquisition is intended to help expand IBM’s offerings to give organizations tools for more effective governance of the vast majority of information, including its timely disposal to eliminate unnecessary data that consumes infrastructure and elevates risk.

The addition of StoredIQ builds on IBM's prior acquisitions of PSS Systems and Vivisimo, as well as internally developed solutions engineered to improve information economics including value-based archiving, records and retention management, ediscovery management, and disposal and data governance.

Typically, executives are aware they are saving too much data, “which drives up IT costs and increases legal risk,” says Deidre Paknad, vice president of industry solutions for IBM. The new addition will help customers “maximize the value of big data and more effectively meet growing legal and privacy duties while disposing of data debris to control both cost and risk.”

StoredIQ software provides scalable in-place analysis and management of disparate and distributed email, file shares, desktops and collaboration sites. It is designed to analyze high volumes of unstructured data and can be configured to automatically collect it for ediscovery purposes as well as dispose of files and emails in compliance with regulatory requirements.

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